Does your personality fit in where you work?

Being unique is what makes us great but does your personality actually fit in where you work? We apply for jobs because the title matches our experience or our interest but how do we know that the culture and environment at that company will match our personality traits and work style. This is a question we must ask ourselves as individual employees or employers, or as workspace designers.

It is becoming harder for business’ to retain talent, understanding personalities as well as generations can help to do just this. The workspace should reflect the culture of the individual company and nurture the personalities of their employees. Therefore when designing workspaces it is important to work closely with the end users to understand the different working styles and different activities that will be present throughout the typical working day. Creating spaces that can be used by a variety of personality types and for an array of tasks.

Lily Berheimer, Director of Space Works Consulting, uses a system known as an Enneagram which encompasses 9 core patterns of behaviour. Ranging from Type Ones who like an environment that will inspire them to be more creative and less stressed, such as using Biophilic and playful elements. In contrast In contrast Type Fives are introverted-learning types who have a greater need for personal space, preferring to situate themselves on the periphery of a room. Type Sevens however are referred to as the Enthusiast who is spontaneous, versatile, talkative and scattered. Good workspace design therefore is recognising all of the personality types within that space and knowing what combination of activity areas would suit them best. Whether that’s open plan, individual office space or collaboration pods, it’s about understanding what would increase motivation and wellbeing, thus increasing productivity and supporting all relevant personality types.

Even if you aren’t looking to design workspaces it’s worth looking at personality types so you can understand your own and know what type of work environment would suit you best, keeping you healthy, happy and motivated to do your best.


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